Monday, January 07, 2008

DETH From Above Volume 2: A History of Violence

The second installment of our Dethlab mix trilogy

Isle of the Dead 2

DETH From Above Volume 2: A History of Violence
[MP4 format, 91.3 MB]

01. Christopher Kah - Search and Destroy
02. Front Line Assembly - Digital Tension Dimentia
03. Franz & Shape feat. Kill Memory Crash - Eyes Like Knives (Kill Memory Crash remix)
04. Kill Memory Crash - The O (Kill Memory Crash remix)
05. JTC - Take 'em Off
06. Coil - The Snow
07. Front 242 - Quite Unusual
08. Volksmusik - Secret Girl
09. Nomenklatuer - Hell of a Woman
10. Franz & Shape feat. Kill Memory Crash - Forgotten Days (MOTOR remix)
11. Sister Machine Gun - Wired
12. Pop Will Eat Itself - Wise Up Sucker
13. The Presets - Down Down Down (Digitalism remix)
14. Ascii.Disko - Hey
15. Dirty Princess - Dios (T.Raumschmiere remix)
16. Proxy - Decoy
17. Harlem - Cat Scratch
18. Neo Filigrante - A Fact of Tragedy (Kiko remix)
19. The Why - Wild Boys

See here for part one: DETH From Above Volume 1: An Introduction to Violence

Bethany and I have both been sick all weekend, so rather than spreading the rave plague, we decided to stay in and sort through music. A History of Violence leans heavy on the EBM/hard-electro side of things, with a dash of acid and a sprinkling of formative favorites for context, among some of the best new music I've come across this year. Bethany is currently working on A Pattern of Violence, which will follow shortly and lean heavier toward dark and dirty electro-house. For the heads out there, I didn't touch the pitch of any of the tracks, let alone levels. As with the previous one, we did drop everything into Garage Band just to even out the track volumes and to pace where the end of one track slams into the beginning of the next with Dorkwave precision™.

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