Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jeans Team

From JeansTeam.DE: "Jeans Team start in 1995 as a duo constisting of Franz Schütte and Reimo Herford. They found the legendary GALERIE BERLINTOKYO in Berlin Mitte and play their first official shows. For these shows Reimo and Franz performed to a preproduced video, they act as the companion volume. The 45 minute video ‘Baby' (1996) is Jeans Team’s first release.

1997 Gunter Kreis and Henning Watkinson complete the band and the virtual company is needless. Now Jeans Team become a quartet of flesh and blood. The eponymous luminous advertising is dismantled from a street corner in Berlin Wedding and becomes the illumination for Jeans Team live shows."

I have to admit that I'd never heard of Jeans Team until recently, but the quartet seem to be an institution in their native Berlin, and Adult. can't stop raving about them. I'm kicking myself for sleeping on this. They make wonderful indie-pop and infectious elektro-disko seem effortless.

Oh Bauer music video [2005]

Jeans Team is currently on tour in North America: stopping in New York Thursday, Montreal Friday, Toronto Saturday, Detroit next Tuesday, Chicago Thursday and back to New York next Friday. Check their MySpace page for details in your town.

The Detroit show is at Scrummage University in Eastern Market - the very same venue as the Solvent/Lowfish show on the 24th... and Bethany and I are DJing... and it's my birthday! So you should definitely come out on a school night and have some fun with us. Scrummage is a very cool loft space (and BYOB - which is an important detail to note.)

Tuesday, January 15
Jeans Team [Berlin] live + DJs Dethlab [Detroit]
Scrummage University
1551 Winder St. #308, Detroit, MI. 48027
9PM | $7

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BitBoy said...

Jeans team is awesome! Been them since discovering them on a Kitty-Yo sampler. Welcome to the club!