Monday, January 28, 2008

OMA's Science Centre and Aquarium in Hamburg's Hafencity [now with 100% more conspiracy theory!]

Via Archinect: The Office for Metropolitan Architecture has revealed the final design for a Science Centre and Aquarium for the Hamburg Hafencity complex. The building of 23,000 m2 will comprise of a Science Centre, aquarium, theatre, offices, laboratories and commercial and retail facilities and is located at the eastern edge of Hafencity, Hamburg's ambitious harbor redevelopment.
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Astute Archinect readers began to wonder if Rem Koolhaas may be spelling out the name of his firm - in the form of monumental buildings across the globe.

sitric.grey comments, "...that's why Rem is such a master, most of us when trying to spell our names in skyscrapers would have stupidly began with the fist letter, but the ever-avant-garde Koolhaas starts in the middle, avoiding suspicion for years!"

The proof and the pudding? [Thanks to 6nuew for the composite.]

For more on Hamburg's Hafencity project click here.


jimbotr0n said...

Sure, it could be O-M-A.

But maybe he's just a M-A-O-ist. Starting in Red China and all.

Tenzin Phuntsog said...

hoooo haaa!!!! lovin it.