Sunday, January 06, 2008

W.K. Interact Defaced Again

From Marius's Flickr page: "30 foot billboard mural commissioned by Agnes B. It was defaced by another street artist right after the show opened, apparently as a result of a long-standing beef."

Although all street art is technically vandalism, when it's well done and/or thought provoking - as is the case with W.K. Interact, Banksy and hundreds more of the like - it can add to the vibrancy and quality of life of an area.

The above act requires no talent or imagination. Only arrogance.

All art is not equal, and unfortunate for the few who are doing outstanding work, the majority of street art has been reduced to a pissing match between individuals with such complexes about small pee-pees, that they have to scrawl their name on every surface around and deface the work of others. If they weren't so busy "keeping it real," they'd be driving Corvettes or monster trucks.

Why is WK Interact's work perceived as "better"? Because it is better. He has something interesting to say and says it with imagination and talent. Real talent always trumps "paying your dues," or whatever other street cred BS people will try to feed you. Not that he hasn't worked hard - that's one of my main points of contention here. It's the taggers who trow up their name as big and often as they can, no matter how sloppy and thoughtless the execution, who ruin the legitimacy of street art. They are vandals. WK and those like him are trying to make some [albeit often illegal] art, and put a great deal of thought and effort into it. There is a very clear distinction.

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