Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Ed Banger and the like matter

file under: More late night ramblings on cold medicine.

I haven't been able to quite articulate it conscisely until recently, but the reason I've slowly developed such a deep resentement toward minimalism over the years is more clear: minimal neutered my techno.

What was once a great source of inspiration and energy became predictable and flacid. The prosaic sounds of faucets dripping replaced the exciting sounds of metal klanging upon metal. Minimalism caused me to lose faith in techno as a whole at times.

Two years ago, Ed Banger Records handed techno its balls back.

Obviously not just Ed Banger, but a surge of resistance from all around the world (centered in France of course, where all music is awesome) against institutionalized boringness and the ketamine genration.

I feel much better now being able to put a finger on it, and knowing that there is an army already waging the war on boring. The future of electronic music is at stake. Life is complex and chaotic, and that is why it is so very rich and beautiful. Those who reject complexity are the enemies of art and of life. Those who engage it will lead and flourish.

Techno is still a very vibrant genre. I hope to prove that just a little bit with the content of my next post.

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Anonymous said...

You know the first time I played an Ed Banger record you poked fun! Just saying! : )