Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spidey suits for all!

From io9: Soon we'll have special gloves and shoes that allow us to climb smooth, vertical surfaces -- and even walk across ceilings. A team of researchers at UC Berkeley has created a plastic microfiber that imitates the "stickiness" of gecko feet, which are covered in tiny hairs that attach to smooth surfaces. Already, the researchers are predicting they'll be able to walk robots across the ceiling using their microfibers, and humans could be next.

The first commentor bursts the collective bubble though, by pointing out that pesky thing called practicality: "That's amazing, but is there a window that will hold a 300 pound man?"

Oh, right. You pro'lly wouldn't want to be seventy stories up and have the glass give out on you. Then again, a 300 pound man has no business in a skin-tight suit. Not that the suit has to be skin-tight... what am I saying? Of course it does! And until they develop the web launcher, it needs a really cool jet pack too. I'm already thinking about other applications, like tires made from this stuff and miles of glass highways with no speed limits.

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