Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Falling Sun

Since I'm clearly on a kick, here's one more:

A Place To Bury Strangers - The Falling Sun [2008]

Possibly NSFW only because it's one of those paralyzingly beautiful songs that won't let you do anything else until it's done tearing your insides out.

The rather awesome video uses footage from the public television sci-fi film The Lathe of Heavan.


Tenzin said...

Wow Awesome video mike, going to look up the Lathe of Heaven.

I personally love the shot of the guy walking towards the projection screen with the wormhole animation on it.

Have you see El Topo or Holy Mountain for that matter, similar themes and production running through both I feel.


Michael Doyle said...

I could have hyper-linked that, but sometimes it's more rewarding to do your own searching. ;)

Man, that scene at 2:20 with the horses fits the music on such a monumetal scale, it's shiver-inducing. The sound is so vast it just swallows you.