Sunday, June 08, 2008



Did we need to hybridize a watered-down Deuce Bigalow with a non-ironic Zoolander and a non-funny version of The Hebrew Hammer, starring the only man-child in Hollywood slightly less annoying than Carrot Top?

This is a real movie?

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dr said...

Having seen it, I have to say I laughed my ass off. Maybe you gotta be a "member of the tribe" to appreciate some of the humor, but I think there were plenty o' Gentiles in the audience who also found the film hysterical. Yes, it was cheesy and the stereotypes on both sides of the storyline were completely over the top (which is what I was expecting), but as far as Adam Sandler movies go, and I've skipped many of them, this belongs in the upper tier (okay, maybe that's not saying much). Better than The Hebrew Hammer, which started out promisingly enough but fizzled about halfway through. Bring your Muslim and Jewish friends along - and don't forget the hummus.