Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Places to Bury Strangers

Long time aggregators and champions of things that don't suck, did this three part video interview with the lads from A Place to Bury Strangers back in '06.

"It's rare that we feature an unsigned act but we strongly feel that we are witnessing the beginnings of a group which is bound for international recognition. With a music which is equal parts Pornography-era Cure and Skullflower, this trio match noise and energy, joy and dissonance, the dark with the bright."

Brainwashed liked them so much that they put out APTBS's debut LP on their own Killer Pimp Records this past fall.

A Place to Bury Strangers

In a turn of events almost too perfect for the pages of rock'n'roll history to be true, the master tape for the single To Fix the Gash in Your Head was so loud, it actually destroyed a rare 10" record press a couple months back. [Slightly delayed, the 10" and a super-limited edition single-sided 12" yellow vinyl edition are now out on Meal Deal Records in the UK.]

To Fix the Gash in Your Head can also be found on a new Nine Inch Nails tour sampler, designed to generate exposure for NIN's five different opening acts prior to the start of this summer's North American tour.

+ Here is a recent full length live show from FabChannel, who's sound and video quality is always tip top notch:

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