Sunday, June 01, 2008

Movement '08 Recap Part 1: Too Far Gone... No Way Back

We've now had a full week to recover from another DEMF here in Detroit. This was the busiest and the best festival yet for me personally, [even more so than two years ago] mostly due to being involved in two very intensive and exciting projects. I'll write about the other project in the next post.

Bethany and I teamed up with our good friends at Interdimensional Transmissions to throw an event at the new Cyberoptix studio last Saturday. We had been planning to bring Motor back to Detroit, and I.T. was planning a follow-up to their legendary series of Cannonball events and last December's No Way Back. I think it was around February we all decided to pool our efforts and make it one massive twelve hour party with two distinct personalities, and by the end of April we had what I think is the most killer line-up I've ever seen on one flyer.

Bryan Black of MOTOR
Bryan Black of Motor at Too Far Gone... No Way Back

Le Car 2008
Adam Lee Miller and Ian Clark at Too Far Gone... No Way Back

Dethany and Nicola scheming
Toybreaker and Nicola Kuperus at Too Far Gone... No Way Back

Bryan, BMG and Adam
Bryan, BMG and Adam at Too Far Gone... No Way Back

I don't think last Saturday could have gone much better. With everything we do [I think I can speak for both Dethlab and I.T. here,] we first and foremost want people to have a great time, but we also have an agenda. In this case, it was showing people that electronic music isn't about club culture and all its superficial trappings. We wanted to show that the cold, mechanical soul of underground electronic music is alive and well, and as feisty, rebellious and D.I.Y. as ever. I think every aspect of the party and everyone involved - especially the DJs - communicated that, and the positive response was absolutely overwhelming. It was an honor to be a part of this and to work with so many great friends. I've lost track of how many times I've heard it was the "party of the weekend" or "best party in years," from both people I respect and admire, and total strangers. Huge thanks to everyone!

Abbott up to no good

I feel like a douche going on about an event I helped throw, so here are some of the comments from various message boards:

"Best, most intense, evil music I heard all weekend (all year?) by a long shot. Carlos Souffont, Patrick Russell, and especially Mike Servito were fucking amazing. I think Derek played a little at the end, but I was gone. The vibe and location were superb... it was a dark sweaty loft party as opposed to stale club bullshit."

"I made my way to the location for No Way Back. I'll be honest, this was just plain out one of the best fucking parties I've ever been too in my life. It was held in a loft just outside of downtown and to get there, you basically had to know where it was. No signs on the door advertising it, just an address with the instructions, "Enter and park in the back of the building." From Gratiot Ave., you wouldn't see a thing. Behind the building cars were lined up all over the place. Headed up the stairs, made my way into the loft, and it was just perfect. Absolutely none of the bullshit I've come to hate about the club scene. No dress codes, no VIP sections or lines, no horrendous music, and everybody who was there wasn't interested in being seen or being a fashion plate or seeing how fucked up they could get. Sound was perfect, and the only "lightshow" they had was a single strobelight. And the music was beautiful..."
-Electro Soundwave

"It was a GREAT party. I found the music to be just the dark and evil that is so missing from many other electronic music events. It was just what this somewhat deranged doctor [of internet message board journalism] needed."

"Now THAT was a party! Patrick Russell straight up brought the heat last night. That was one of the better sets I've heard in a long, long time. Actually, that was one of the best parties I've been to in a long time."
-Craig Gonzalez

"I came in from Philly. This party was great. Came to see Adult. and was pleased by Dethlab and all. I blew off my web-ordered Hawtin ticket and my friends were all pouty. Waaaa. They regretted it after long lines and lots of positive chatter the next day. If Philly partied like that... the cops would have been kicking us in the neck long before sunrise. Thx for showing me the dark side of electro that I was hoping to find in Motown. I knew it was there. Rust belt industrial is going strong. Best thing I saw all weekend by far. I'm kind of fascinated by your town right now... hope to get back soon."

"HOLY SHIT what a GREAT party!!!!! Mike, Bethany, Brendan, etc. GREAT FUCKING JOB!!!! Wow. STILL recovering. Btw, new rule: When Interdimensional Transmissions and Dethlab throw a party.......GO!!!! No excuses, just GO!!!!"

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