Monday, June 23, 2008

Nendo's Elastic Diamond

Elastic Diamond chair and display for Lexus by Nendo

Elastic Diamond display and chair for Lexus by Nendo

Nendo is the Tokyo and Milan based design firm of one Oki Sato. Sato's recent Elastic Diamond display and chair is the latest in Lexus' series of art installations at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano.

Elastic Diamond chair for Lexus by Nendo

One of the most interesting aspects of the two piece rapid prototyped chair is that is could potentially eliminate all the space, time and fuel consumed in shipping and storing objects:

We're not planning to mass-produce the chair, but since it only takes five to six days to produce, a manufacturer would not have to worry about keeping it in stock, and overseas orders could be filled by sending data overseas for production on a local RP machine, drastically cutting shipping time and cost. In other words, the diamond chair project showed us that in the near future, we may well solve problems that have long plagued the furniture industry.

See more at the nicely executed Art of Lexus website.

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