Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Who out there would be interested in an electro-punk cover of Radio Free Europe?

[I'm on a totally inexplicable early R.E.M. kick this week and was thinking something along the lines of Bombardier meets GD Luxxe... kicked up several notches of course. Bethany and I have been just dying to record some music for months, but haven't had any time.]

Thinking out loud here... in an ideal world I'd like to have Sean Lynch on guitar, Jack Vulpine on bass, production by Doc and engineering by Josh Eustis. Vocals are a tough call. I think Bethany or I could pull it off with enough effects, but Lynchy, Nicola, Jared Louche, Adam Killing... heck, Dirk Ivens or Ian Clark [who's currently my favorite vocalist in any genre - that video's not the best example, but it's too awesome not to link] would be pretty bloody amazing.

[Stand by for next musical whim.]

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Hugh said...

Yes, with any of those peoples yes