Sunday, June 22, 2008


[edit] Instead of posting the video for "Oh My" for the fourth time, here's a clip from MTV News.
[I seriously didn't know MTV still covered music.]

One of the things that makes Office so great is Scott Masson's ability to package incredibly dark and subversive lyrics into tightly crafted, sugary pop songs with the skill of Blur or XTC. For example, "Oh My" is about a depraved post-Ballardian double murder - which is only apparent by the rhyming of "gun" and "cum". Brilliant.

More from MTV here. ["Retarded" doesn't even begin to describe MTV's journalism style - I think I wrote better articles in journalism class as a freshman in high school - but if you can get past that and the totally out of context lead, there's some very interesting stuff here worth reading.]

+ pics of Office and The Horrors at CMJ in '06.

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