Monday, June 02, 2008

Movement '08 Recap Part 2: ShadesVision/SKETCH3D

A couple weeks before the festival, Dr. Bill at Shades Optical asked o2 about doing something unique for them at the DEMF this year. During the course of brainstorming we landed on anaglyphic stereoscopy as a theme, and the tag-line "ShadesVision" - based on the notion of "seeing the world differently." Being the obsessive perfectionists and gluttons for punishment art we are, what began as a simple window graphic quickly evolved into a multi-part multimedia installation which was executed in about a week's time.

Michael Haener during install

3D banner at Movement '08

The first component was a fifty foot stereoscopic banner we designed and installed in the wooded VIP area at Hart Plaza. Stretched between the trees, the banner was comprised of various Detroit landmarks [photographed in stereo of course] with a vibrating red line weaving through all the images, representing the thread of the city's creative energy. A pair of custom designed 3D glasses were included in all the artist, VIP and press kits, as well as distributed in person during the festival.

o2 SKETCH3D screen test
SKETCH3D screen grab during development

SKETCH3D at Movement '08
SKETCH3D control box

SKETCH3D at Movement '08
SKETCH3D control box

SKETCH3D at Movement '08
SKETCH3D display

SKETCH3D in action
Christopher Bissonnette running the system through the paces

The second element was a new software application developed by one of our newest team members, Andrew Sliwinski, called SKETCH3D. This basically works just like an Etch-a-Sketch, but with a third knob for the Z axis. In addition to the software, SKETCH3D included a custom control box and surround for a 60" plasma screen. This was by far the biggest hit. Every time I walked into the artists' lounge, someone was wearing the 3D glasses [and a huge smile] as they played with it. I think it was just right balance between gadget nerdery and intuitive playfulness.

ShadesVision DEMF window graphic

window graphic at Movement '08

The third element was an 8' x 8' graphic in the lower bowl area of the plaza, which explained the other installations and included some stereoscopic imagery not on the banner.

More info can be found at the project website and more photos on my Flickr page.

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