Tuesday, October 02, 2007

As mentioned here a few months back, SHRUBBN!! has been removed from suspended animation and is now set to release a new 12" on Shitkatapult sub-label Musick, and has a track on the upcoming Scandale! 5 compilation.

SHRUBBN!! was founded by MARCO HAAS aka T.RAUMSCHMIERE and ULLI BOMANS aka SCHIERES in 1995. the aim of SHRUBBN!! was to do dirty-filthy-but-swinging-noize-improvisations while tripping. they used to call it ROTZ-POP!! the results were recorded on a stereo tape recorder and by 1997 the first demo was finished. 4-8 pieces were duplicated and given to special people. in 1997 SHRUBBN!! released the track "thema" on the vinyl compilation "the cozmick suckers vol. orange" (on the label SHITKATAPULT that was founded by marco haas and marcus stotz in the same year). one year later, 1998, the track "koenig thule" was released on the vinyl compilation "the cozmick suckers vol. blue " and another year later, 1999, the track "staub" was released on the cd compilation "the cozmick suckers vol. yellow ". after all these noize- and drug experiences it was time for something else and the two decided to go seperate ways for a while...

...between 1999 and 2006 HAAS focused on his T.RAUMSCHMIERE project and released records on labels like novamute, kompakt, sender and of course his own imprint shitkatapult. he also founded a punk-rock band which is now known as THE CRACK WHORE SOCIETY. in the meantime BOMANS concentrated on doing his artwork, travelled the world, focused on his project SCHIERES and founded the disco-punk-boy-group GLADBECK CITY BOMBING . in 2004 their ways crossed again. this time in hamburg at the golden pudel club. and after a few drinks the two "rotzloeffel" decided to bring back the maximum blast into the minimal world... it took them another 2 years to make this happen but in october 2006 HAAS & BOMANS had their first session after 7 years... and now SHRUBBN!! has officialy returned!! kabel rein, weiter geht's!!

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