Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enough Irony

In response to Chris' response a couple days ago: I wouldn't be so quick to lump Boys Noize and Turbo Records in there. Bethany and I had a conversation a while ago about how Ed Banger seemed to have so much potential to change the face of dance music for the better, but for every innovative step forward, they moot it with some incredibly obvious and campy pop culture reference, which makes us think a) they aren't seroius about the "good stuff" we think they are doing, or b) Janet Jackson really is a pivotal influence.

I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and when I say someone is being ironic, it's because I don't want to believe they seriously like that crap.

As someone who's business it is to filter the cream from the crap, it's troublesome to think anyone so smart and talented could be so nonchalant about their work. There's nothing wrong with being irreverent and having fun now and then. Nine times out of ten, my tongue is well within the vicinity of my cheek. There is no doubt that everything Justice does is executed with absolute brilliance. It's the content that throws me. Maybe Justice is so far over my head that I just don't get it. The feeling I get though is that they see everything as ephemeral - including themselves. Is it all an elaborate joke? Is it all about the moment? Moments pass quickly and are easily forgotten. The moment is merely a step in the process between defining the future and making history. If it doesn't relate to either, it is a waste of time and energy.

With that bit of Saturday afternoon pop-philosophy, here is the video for ZZT's Lower State of Consciousness, a collaboration between Zombie Nation and Tiga:

All the answers are embedded above.

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