Thursday, October 04, 2007


I was just thinking today, "I really need some new music. Something sinister but sweet... something complex and literate, yet poppy and infectious. Something new." Just then Phoenix Perry introduced me to FrYars.

FrYars is a gangly 18-year-old lad from London by the name of Ben Garrett with a striking voice and an even more striking knack for both lyric and score.

NME says of his self-released debut EP:
Like the Magnetic Fileds with Nick Cave's deathly fantasies, FrYar's ghoulish electro slinks across the sinister pop of 'Chocolate', while 'Madeline''s swooping computer orchestration approaches genius. 'Happy' further ups the ante with his twisting croon wrapping its way around every chugging nook and cranny. Excuse us while we swoon.

Another review here and the brand new video for "The Ides' below.

[Thanks Nix!]

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