Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Minimal Wave Records' 8th release will be available Oct. 15th - a 7" featuring two singles from the Dutch duo Storung. Storung formed in 1981, and like Ensemble Pittoresque, are from the region of the Hague known as the Wassenaarse Slag. Watch a clip of Storung live in Amsterdam from 1983 here.

Also watch for The Found Tapes LP on November 1st - a compilation of North American Minimal Wave '81-'87. The Found Tapes is a follow up to The Lost Tapes compilation of European Minimal Wave. It features previously released, rare tracks, as well as some unreleased tracks from Futurisk, Iron Curtain, Deo Toy, Experimental Products, Mark Lane, Ohama, Crash Course In Science, Dark Day, Craig Sibley, and Tara Cross.

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