Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oral Fixation: Burnlab 3AM Hash

For this edition of our regularly irregular food column, we'd like to present Burnlab's signature 3AM hash recipe. Take Burnlab Hash with two Advil and two multi-vitamins to cure your ills... and it's vegetarian to boot!

After being out much too late on a school night, you're starving and need some good solid food before going to bed. Food really helps with the hangover. Don't be lazy and go to White Castle. Cook. You'll thank yourself in the morning.

First off, boil up some red skin fingerling potatoes (or whatever potatoes you have handy.) Chop them up and put them in a skillet with some butter, one tablespoon of chopped artichoke hearts, two tablespoons of aoli, plus some gorgonzola cheese, fresh green onions and rosemary from the garden. Simmer for about five minutes, turning regularly.

Next, poach two eggs in boiling water with balsamic vinegar. Lay the poached eggs over the hash on a plate and top with fresh crushed white pepper and garlic infused hot sauce. (A mimosa is highly recommended with this dish... improvisations such as rum and Orangina will do in a pinch, but we always suggest a high quality vodka and fresh squeezed orange juice.)

If this doesn't put you to rest with sweet dreams and a happy tummy, you're either too wasted to appreciate it or... too wasted to appreciate it. You'll tank us in the morning though.

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