Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pure Geography

Pruned gives a fabulous review of Punta Pite, a residential development in Chilie - specifically the poetic coastal walking path designed by landscape architect Teresa Moller.

Nothing like Punta Pite's cliffside walking path would probably be built in the U.S., or at the very least minor design tweaks would have to be implemented to meet federal regulations and to appease anxious attorneys...

...the incredible thing about the path, or El sendero, at Punta Pite is the possibility for multiple-compound fractures and even death. It is designed to be accessible and relatively safe, but landscape architect Teresa Moller wonderfully did not diminish the sublime quality of the landscape - and by sublime, I mean, terrifying; knocks-you-unconcsious-and-petrifies-your-soul-as-if-falling-eternally-into-the-abyss terrifying.

One second you are assured solidity and logical direction, and the next second, you find yourself unable to move, incapacitated by too much landscape and by the knowledge that your foot is but a millimeter away from the precipice and bloody ecstasy.

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