Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Patrick Wolf at the Magic Bag

Holy cats! Patrick Wolf last night may have been the second best live show I have ever seen. He joked about playing in Hamtramck four years ago to five people [he has three critically acclaimed LPs under his belt between then and now and is barely 21 years old,] and the next time he rolls through Detroit I guarantee he's going to sell out a stadium. It's really exciting to see someone destined for such glory at this stage in their career - with less than 100 fellow fans at a cabaret theater in Ferndale on a Monday night no less. Wowzers.

I won't tell you my #1 concert experience, but he easily bumped Tom Waits at the Beacon Theater and Fischerspooner at Deitch Projects down a couple notches, and gives Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and Low at the Town Hall a good run for their money.

Absolutely authentic, thoroughly entertaining and utterly inspirational. I've never seen such a theatrical production that had no wall between the audience and the performer. It broke all of the rules. Wow.

Although I've never had the opportunity to see Pulp live, I feel like I just witnessed a very young [and very flamboyant] version of Jarvis Cocker performing just before "Different Class" broke.

I am very excited about British pop music right now, and endlessly talented, gangly young renegades like Patrick Wolf [and FrYars, and the Horrors, etc.] are going to make everything better.

Pardon the re-post, but here is his newest music video again:

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