Thursday, October 04, 2007

Elephants Take LA

This has been a big day for adorable, colorful, stop-motion animated critters. In addition to the debut of the third Sony Bravia ad (two posts down,) our friend Eames Demetrios wanted to let you know that he has just released a new film titled A Gathering of Elephants. The six minute animation was created as a fun celebration of the newly issued Eames Plywood Elephants.

The elephants were designed by Charles and Ray in 1945, but never went into production due to the cost and complexity of the mold. To celebrate the 100th birthday of Charles, an limited edition 1000 red and 1000 maple elephants have been produced by Vitra and will be available starting in November. The Eames Office spent the past 12 years developing a production version. In the Eames tradition, they hope to offer a more affordable model in the future. Watch the film in high res, plus some behind the scenes footage at DAS Film Fest.

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