Sunday, August 03, 2008

Detroit, the American Torino

Detroit is in Metropolis Magazine again, but this time it isn't a Chilean-born MacArthur Foundation winnier calling it an "American acropolis." Former resident Kristin Palm cheers how the city embraces its grit in "intriguing ways."

I'd quote some bits here, but it's always better to read with Bruce Sterling's commentary.

By the way, Dethany and I will be doing an entire day of radio programming from MOCAD this autumn as part of an upcoming exhibit. We're super excited to break out of the tired and restrictive bar/club scene and see what we can do with nine hours of air time in an art museum. Not that we don't have fun playing dance music, but this is a great opportunity stretch our legs a bit and see how deeply we can explore the Dethlab concept. We might even read from Crash. Actually, that's almost a given...


Jennifer A. Paull said...

How cool...looking forward to it!!

Michael Doyle said...

Are you and Walter doing this project?

I'm stoked about working with Gregory Green!

Bethany and I tentatively have Saturday, Oct. 11th.

I think we're going to play every version of "Warm Leatherette" back to back while reading J.G. Ballard over top of it. [The dirtiest parts, of course.] That'll take maybe 45 minutes... then we have to think of something to do for the other 495 minutes... ;)