Saturday, August 30, 2008

Princesse Rotative

No more politics for the rest of the weekend. I swear.

Let us introduce you to one of the most awesome bands we've come across in ages:

Princesse Rotative - TĂȘte de Futur [2008]

Princesse Rotative [live, 2007]

Jeez, they make Knifehandchop and Otto Von Schirach look like the Backstreet Boys!
[Well, no, not really. We like the idea of a breakcore boy band led by Otto though.]

Okay, they're French? That's an automatic 10 points in my book. They're from the Digital Hardcore camp? That's another ten automatic points. Fuzzy dog mask? Ten bonus points! Bjork-like vocalist? Ten points. Being on DHR and not sounding like they're on DHR: 20 bonus points [half go to Alec Empire.] My mistake - they're not actually on DHR. Their first LP was re-released on DHR's sibling Digital Trash Records. Points still apply and can be exchanged for candy at the front desk.

Princesse Rotative is playing with two of the most exciting acts in Detroit, Marco Polio and the New Vaccines and Stevie on Monday, Sept. 8th at The Belmont.

We'll post more details on that show right here as it grows nearer.


dr said...

My favorite non-DHR sounding thing on DHR is the sadly defunct Motormark.

BitBoy said...

Holy crap. Awesome.