Sunday, August 24, 2008

NIN+APTBS bullet point review

• It was extraordinary to see a band pack an arena with zero involvement from a label or Clear Channel. 100% DIY. Loved that.
• Both bands were phenomenal. A Place to Bury Strangers was even better than expected.
• It could have been louder. Ears not still ringing like they should be.
• The suburban stadium experience was totally painless. Traffic was easy, the staff was very polite... weird.
• Signing a "mosh pit waiver" was funny. FTW?
• Surprisingly broad age range in attendance. Didn't feel like the oldest or the youngest there for once.
• I broke my glasses. it wouldn't be a NIN show if I didn't break my glasses.
• I still get the weepy eye every time Trent performs Hurt. I'm so emo.

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