Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Synthesizers and Hot Air: Supreme Balloon gets Dissected

Matmos' newest venture is devoid of their trademark sampling of found sounds. Supreme Balloon was made using only analog synthesizers, homemade MAX/MSP patches, and smattering of MIDI notes.

Click here for the entire breakdown of every song and descriptions of every piece of gear, program, and process used to create each sound found on this album.

Far Too Much Information about Supreme Balloon:

What follows are some pointers and backstory about the songs on the new Matmos album "Supreme Balloon". When there are no editors in sight this sort of thing can easily go on for far too long so please proceed with caution, especially if you are squeamish about gear porn and namedropping. As Matmos albums go, this one is not about strenuous conceptual gymnastics but the simple enjoyment of traditional synthetic cuisine served in an informal atmosphere.

Side Note: I am disappointed that I had to miss Drew Daniel's reading of his new 33 and 1/3 book on Throbbing Gristle's 20 Jazz Funk Greats. There was even a Throbbing Gristle happy hour at the bar down the street from Red Emma's in Baltimore where the reading took place.

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