Tuesday, August 05, 2008

since we're on the subject...

packard adjusted

This is not steampunk. You are certainly looking at a bunch of punks, but the clothes are clearly not Victorian in style and there are no fantastic contraptions in sight. This is just what we do to amuse ourselves in Detroit, and if you're going to play croquet in an abandoned Edwardian era factory, you had better damn well dress the part.

update: The authority on the matter says this is steampunk. Who am I are to argue? Also: Boinged. [Three years too far ahead for our own good apparently.]


toybreaker said...

Next time we should dress up as the Fun Police and invade other peoples photos and post them on the internet. I'm not making ties anymore, I'm turning my shop into a Fun Police uniform factory.

Fun Riot Police? Even better.

lightning in a bottle said...

you guys are seriously a fun bunch.