Monday, August 11, 2008

How To Make the Olympics More Interesting

Sorry - watching people do the exact same thing at a nearly indistinguishable level of performance is just not that exciting to me, even if they are the very best in the world. Some of the drama and spectacle of the opening ceremonies and architecture should be integrated into the competitions. I'm thinking elk antlers, garage-fabbed prosthetics, pneumatic latex headdresses, thousands and thousands of gallons of honey... that sort of thing. Why not have Matthew Barney outfit the US team, David Cronenberg the Canadian team and so forth? That would be some great television!


lovehate said...

Who is going to do Uzbekistan?

erreur_fatale said...

yes! David Cronenberg could do a scanners/PSI-battle event, with PSI people from all over the world blowing each other's heads up and shit.