Monday, August 04, 2008

Martin Dupont: Lost and Late

Our good friends at Minimal Wave have done it again [and by "it", I mean educating us about amazing music we never heard of but should have]: this time re-releasing rare selections from legendary French New Wave act Martin Dupont.
From Veronica:

Originally from Marseilles, Martin Dupont formed in 1981 and went on to release a single, a cassette, several albums, and played several live shows, supporting Siouxsie & the Banshees and The Lotus Eaters. Martin Dupont were new wave, dreamy electro, and coldwave yet completely accessible. The release, entitled 'Lost And Late' brings you selected cassette tracks from the Inédits 81-83, the Your Passion 7" and the original version of 'Just Because' as it appeared on the Just Because LP. The release is a limited edition pressed on 180 gram vinyl, accompanied by an insert printed with old band photographs by Michel Bresson. Huge thanks to Lorenzo Mattotti for the beautiful cover painting.

Lost and Late will be available through Minimal Wave dot org later this month [complete with one of the hottest record covers we've seen in a while.]

Martin Dupont - Just Because [1984]

[By the way, I'm finally getting the swing of blockquotes. Welcome to the '90s for me! Hey... despite how much time I spend in front of a keyboard, I'm a die-hard pen an paper kind of guy. Many thanks to Emilie at Core77 for the syntax smackdown.]

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BitBoy said...

Tremendous find...bravo!