Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Letter From Dethlab

The executive editors of this blog [that would be Ms. Toybreaker and myself,] have a little art project/alter ego that manifests itself in the occasional multimedia exhibition, diatribe and period costumed adventure, but most often in playing records we really like. Dethlab has two upcoming events they... er, we would like to share with you.

We've been hanging fairly low since Too Far Gone/No Way Back at the Cyberoptix studio during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, playing a few shows here and there, but mostly stepping over the stinking corpse of club culture in order to plot our next assault on the art world and tending to our roots in Detroit's DIY subcultural underbelly.

We have two unusual events coming up in October that we're super excited about:

First, we will be participating in the Broadcast exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit as part of an installation by controversial Brooklyn-based artist Gregory Green. Dethlab will be broadcasting from MOCAD all day [11AM to 8PM] on Saturday, Oct. 11th. The nine hour program will include conversations with artists, science fiction authors and leaders of the creative community, as well as in-depth music features, readings and some special surprises.

Secondly, we will be participating in the legendary Theatre Bizarre Halloween Party this year, presenting The Devil's Disco on Saturday, Oct. 25th. Theatre Bizarre is one of those truly unique and wonderful Detroit experiences you just wouldn't believe if you didn't see it for yourself. It's like Burning Man, but without all the stupid hippies and a lot more blood and gasoline. We're very flattered to have been invited to take part in both events.

We will post more details on both Broadcast and Theatre Bizarre when we have them.

love and bats,
-Mike and Dethany

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