Thursday, August 07, 2008


Twine have released a new video for Endormie, form their latest LP Violets on Ghostly International. The haunting vox courtesy of Cranes vocalist Alison Shaw.

Twine - Endormie [2008]

Though it could be described as "pretty" at times, Violets is anything but easy listening music. The album shares certain themes with ADULT.'s body of work, centering around feelings of detachment and anxiety in a world gone totally strange. But while ADULT. have come to face their demons [internal and external] head-on, Violets keeps most of it's dread just below the surface of the waters, making it potentially that much more unsettling. The album is best enjoyed if you close your eyes and allow it take you on a sonic journey into deep, dark corners of the subconscious. Listener experience may vary depending on what lurks there.

from Ghostly:

Violets is a requiem for the new dark age. A memoir of a dying era, defined by the years of an inevitably dichotomized and isolated nation. On their long-awaited fourth full length, the duo of Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder move from the muggy backwoods of their early work towards the sonic approximation of icy remoteness. Created by a process of long distance file-sharing, the layers of Violets mesh together in a synchronous and fragile splendor, melding disembodied vocals, guitar rattles and crispy unpredictability to create a modern classic. The recurring theme of Violets is indeed a fascination with the human voice – voyeuristic telephone and CB conversations, the musings of a girl on dictaphone, crowd noises from anti-war rallies – these elements hover just beneath the lush and temperamental musical surface.

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