Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sturgeon's Law follow-up

As a follow up to the "Ninety percent of everything is crap" post, here are two extreme illustrations in relation to steampunk:

Doing it right: The Sultan's Elephant
This still leaves me breathless. So well thought out, executed and amazing on every level. This spectacle may have been responsible for giving the existing groundswell its push into the mainstream. Just a couple other really good examples are the Wonderland Expedition Kit [okay, not really "steamy" in any way, but still awesome,] the work of Alex CF and of course the films of Jean Jeunet, especially City of Lost Children. The French have always had a special knack for this sort of wickedly surreal imagination and attention to detail.

Doing it wrong: Steampunk Watch
For the last time, sticking random brass gears on something DOES NOT make it steampunk. You may as well glue some glitter to it and call it "Enchanted Fairy Watch". Fail. [I could come up with eight other examples like this to make the point, but I'll spare you.]

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