Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last minute: DTM at Exodus in Detroit tonight

If you're heading down to the DIA to see Mr. Paul D. Miller tonight, afterwards head over to Exodus to see our friends from the Detroit Techno Militia. [I'm sure Darkcube will have some tales of ill repute from DEFCON to share. As I've said, "'tis far better to have friends at DEFCON than enemies."]

Thursday. August 14. 2008. Bang Tech 12 presents:
Detroit Techno Militia 5x5 at Exodos

5 DJs on 5 Turntables. Featuring:
DJ Seoul
Dan Lucas
Neil V.

Exodos: 523 Monroe, Greektown Detroit, above the Golden Fleece
10PM-2AM | 18+ |$5

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